‘For if you forgive men their trespasses, your heavenly father will also forgive you’ – Matthew 6:14

Welcome back & Happy Easter, Willing Spirits!

I hope you’re enjoying the Easter weekend and staying blessed. As we remember the death and resurrection of Jesus for the forgiveness of sins, let’s address forgiveness on our end.

What’s the worst thing someone has ever done to you that’s made you think: “I am never forgiving them” or “I can’t forgive them for this”? Why couldn’t you forgive them? Was it because of the principle, the fact that the damage was life changing or it was too unfathomable you just could not accept an apology whether they wanted to apologise or not, or a mixture of all 3? For me, it was definitely all 3. We may think at times; what good does forgiveness do? Especially with the fact that the damage has already been done.

However, there seems to be a misunderstanding with what forgiveness actually means. Some of us, and I speak for myself here too, think/thought that forgiveness meant accepting what had been done to us; “allow”, tolerate or justify the wrong inflicted on us when this is not the case.

Instead, it is deciding to rid ourselves of any grudges, anger or resentment towards the person/s that wronged us even if they aren’t sorry. Forgiveness is more for us than it is for the perpetrator. It enables peace of mind, a clear conscience and is a step towards healing. You don’t necessarily have to be friends with them after either, just as long as your heart is clear of any negative emotions towards them.

One thing I realised about forgiveness is that it is easier to do once we tap in to what Jesus already did for us on the cross. We won’t even think twice about doing it because we know how much Jesus has forgiven us for our own wrongdoings. Even the unimaginable. That is why the Lord’s prayer says ‘…and forgive us our trespasses as we forgive those who trespass against us‘ [Matthew 6:12]. Before we can ask God for forgiveness, we must make sure we are able to stand before Him having forgiven those who needed forgiving in our lives.

This section of the Lord’s prayer suggests that forgiveness should also come from us. People will always do wrong to us in some way. But remember that God doesn’t just sit in heaven doing nothing all day. Forgiveness doesn’t let the trespasser off the hook–it hands them over to God. As God takes control, he’ll grant us peace in return. That is why forgiveness is better than revenge. As we all know, vengeance is the Lord’s.

Forgiveness isn’t easy if we try to do it focused on the wrong that has been done to us. Instead, let’s think about Jesus’ selfless act for us on the cross the next time someone trespasses against us. Let us remember that He gave us a chance, multiple even, so we could too.

Have a lovely week and stay blessed x !

A Willing Spirit x

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